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For most companies, real estate is indispensable. Oreon Properties is familiar with the expectations that you as an entrepreneur place on commercial property and knows what factors need to be taken into account based on your individual business activities. Also, when you decide to invest in real estate, it is always a good idea to work through a licensed estate agent.

Renting, leasing or buying your commercial property through a real estate agency such as Oreon Properties will save you a great deal of time and headaches.

Our strenghts

An ethical approach
When buying, selling, renting and leasing, Oreon Properties is always mindful of society and the strict ethical standards and values described in the code of ethics for estate agents.
A reliable label
Oreon Properties is accredited by RICS: a quality label for estate agents which demonstrates that we work according to the highest international standards. That means that you can rest assured that we always put your interests first.
Valuable advice
For both businesses and investors, Oreon Properties offers useful and applicable advice that will facilitate your search for suitable commercial property. We are happy to pass on our experience in the real estate market to our customers.
A professional approach
Thanks to Oreon Properties, you don't have to scour the property market yourself. We find commercial properties that meet your requirements and filter through potential tenants and buyers ourselves.
Substantial database
Oreon Properties handles real estate for a wide range of companies and clients. Our database gives you immediate access to a wide range of available properties and land and to an extensive customer base.
Professional negotiations
Negotiations can be protracted due to the legal formalities concerning real estate. Oreon Properties takes charge of the negotiations and arranges the best conditions for both parties.

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