Which office will you be in soon?

After the coronavirus pandemic and thanks to the explosion of online services and businesses, working from home remains on the rise, but an office space is still indispensable for receiving clients or employing workers. When looking for a suitable office, there are a number of elements to consider. After all, your office becomes the showcase of your company, where the exterior can impress your customers and the interior creates a desirable working atmosphere for your employees that matches the identity of your company.

Oreon Properties has an extensive database of commercial properties on which you can list your office for sale or rent, or where you can find an office space that perfectly fits your needs.

Type of office building

First and foremost, you can already set some criteria about the type of office you are looking for. Young startups keep their fixed costs as low as possible and are best served by incubators. A law firm might prefer a stately townhouse. Moreover, it is always a good idea to ensure a bit more space than you currently need to give your business room to grow.

Insulation and management costs

Secondly, it is very important to check whether the premises have insulation. ot only thermal insulation, but also acoustic insulation is no superfluous luxury. After all, heating an uninsulated office can significantly increase your operating costs. n office where poor acoustics distract employees also costs a company a great deal of money. Remember that older buildings often lag behind today’s insulation standards. Be sure to keep other operating costs in mind when choosing your offices: building management, green spaces that need to be maintained, windows and other common areas that need to be cleaned, etc.

An easily accessible office

Finally, the new office must be easily accessible. Preferably provide a car park for the comfort of your customers and employees, make sure you are not too far from motorway entrances and check whether there are food outlets nearby, if possible. All these factors contribute to the comfort of your office.

Buy, rent, sell or lease an office

If you engage Oreon Properties as your estate agent, we will check for you which office spaces meet your expectations. We will not shy away from any obstacle and will even talk to local residents to discover any hidden shortcomings in your office space. This transparent approach is characteristic of all our activities as an estate agent. Are you instead planning to offer an office for sale or rent? Then, too, we can certainly be of service to you. Feel free to contact with us.

Looking for an office?