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Logistics real estate for your company

Companies that rely heavily on logistical flows cannot do without suitable logistics real estate. This commercial property can take the form of a warehouse, a cross-docking warehouse, a distribution warehouse or a combination of both. Often, a warehouse or shed is the first choice, but a large industrial property with a limited warehouse on it can also be an option for goods that can be stored outside. Whatever you are looking for in your logistics property, your estate agent Oreon Properties can help you find the most suitable business premises or building land. For more information, ring us on +32(0)14-23 48 23.

Type of logistics real estate

When searching for adequate logistics real estate, the industry is of great importance. For an entrepreneur in the food industry, the commercial property will often need to have insulation and cold rooms, while a company active in the chemical sector, for example, will need silo’s where products can be replenished and removed for shipping. Emerging commercial real estate is the large warehousing and distribution centres for e-commerce companies, which usually require a very large area and extensive infrastructure. Logistics real estate therefore covers an entire range of possibilities.

Location of your logistics property

The most crucial factor in logistics real estate remains, of course, its location. Ideally, logistics warehouses should be located near ports and motorway entrances and exits.

Then there are the distribution warehouses on the outskirts of the city: a relatively new concept where goods are bundled to make the last mile more efficient.

Means of transport

When choosing a suitable location, always keep the modes of transport in mind. Will the goods arrive by lorry, by train or by boat? Or will these means of transport be combined? For lorries, it is important that the driver be able to find, reach and leave your logistics property easily and with a minimum of manoeuvres.

Logistics property with adapted loading and unloading docks

Finally, the loading and unloading docks of logistics properties are often decisive. How many loading docks should be provided for optimal efficiency during peak hours? Is the access zone easily accessible? Will a waiting zone be provided? Will there be enough distance between the quays? Are the loading and unloading bays high enough to avoid accidents with large lorries? Your estate agent Oreon Properties knows what to consider and will inform you of the risks and benefits. So your logistics property is in good hands!

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