Building plot for companies

A building plot for your company

Are you looking for a business plot to relocate your company or to invest in commercial property? If so, estate agent Oreon Properties can help you find a building plot with an excellent location. Oreon Properties has extensive expertise in the field of soil quality, location and regulations regarding commercial properties. Avoid making a hasty decision by having your estate agent analyse the building plot of your choice.

Many companies are looking for a building plots to fully develop their activities. After all, a building plot for businesses allows you to start with a blank slate, which you can fill in completely at your own discretion. In this way, you can design a business premises entirely according to your needs so that it fits perfectly with your growth potential.

Choosing a commercial building plot

When choosing a suitable building plot for business, there are numerous elements to consider. In addition to environmental factors, the legal framework, for example, must also be examined. It has already occurred that a company buys a building plot in a site that is not zoned for industrial use, resulting in extensive legal proceedings… Save yourself the trouble and expense of an uninformed decision and rely count on your real estate broker Oreon Properties.

A building plot for foreign companies

Companies that are based abroad and that are looking for a business plot for a new location in Belgium are also well advised to contact an estate agent. That is because, if you are not completely familiar with the regulations and legal framework for establishing commercial property, Oreon Properties can inform and advise you.

Location is everything

The most important aspect to bear in mind when buying a commercial building plot is without doubt the location. Ideally, you should locate your company close to important traffic hubs such as motorways, airports, ports or railway stations. If you have a building plot for business in mind, have a thorough site analysis carried out by Oreon Properties.

Not only will you be advised on the proximity of important transport channels such as motorways, ports or railway stations, but everything you need to know about the soil specifications and the surface area of the commercial land will also be indicated.

Information on proximity to transport channels is important for the construction costs and insurance of your building: both the foundation and the insurance are more expensive in areas at risk of flooding. The soil specifications are important when you start the construction of your building: a square or rectangular building plot offers many more options than triangular or other shapes.

In that way, you will have a clear report on all aspects.

Find a commercial property through Oreon Properties

When you work with Oreon Properties as an estate agent, you can be sure that all possible aspects will be thoroughly checked beforehand. We provide a comprehensive location analysis of the business land you have in mind, without avoiding a possible negative opinion. After all, purchasing commercial land is a decision you can only make if you are well informed. For that reason, Oreon Properties will come and talk to you in advance about your plans for your business to find out what facilities are essential and where the bottlenecks lie. We think along with you to help you find the perfect business land!

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