SME unit

Doing business and investing in an SME uniten investeren in een kmo-unit

Every year, tens of thousands of startups see the light of day. This thriving business climate creates jobs, economic growth and a healthy economy. Although many startups in today’s online-oriented society no longer need a physical workplace, this is still the exception rather than the rule. For SMEs that do need a physical workstation but do not require an entire office building or warehouse, the SME unit is the perfect solution.

Renting a business unit as an entrepreneur

SME units consist of smaller business premises grouped together in a park. The size and amenities may vary greatly from one park to another, but most units are characterised by co-ownership, allowing common expenses and facilities to be shared. There is often a strong sense of community among the various entrepreneurs in which the companies can strengthen each other and even generate business. This type of business premises therefore offers many advantages for a starting entrepreneur and makes optimal use of the available space.

As an investment

An SME unit is also very interesting as an investment. Smaller buildings standing on their own property or that have space for outdoor storage are hard to find. Nevertheless, there is a considerable demand for this type of property, even for units with a limited surface area.

Both buying a separate business unit and acquiring a complete structure to rent out the units separately are possibilities.

To invest in real estate, you must make the right considerations. The return is closely related to the location of the property, the type of tenant, the rentability and the condition of the building. You should also take into account ‘hidden’ costs such as costs resulting from vacancy, and possible insurance that you as owner will have to take out.

Therefore, when investing in real estate, be well informed with regard to the yield structure. Is it realistic and does it cover all the costs? Does it take into account a cash flow analysis for required investments? And does the return fit with your return expectations?

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What should you bear in mind?

However, those who want to buy an SME unit should take into account some important aspects. When purchasing a completely new SME unit, for example, the costs are usually higher than just the construction costs. Both the investor and the end user should also keep in mind the management costs and the common costs. Specifically towards investors, the final business activities that will take place in the SME unit have an impact on the return: for example, different regulations apply for storage of goods or for production as to whether or not VAT can be charged.

Oreon advises on the rental or purchase of an SME unit

Do you want to rent a business unit to give your company the space it deserves, or buy one as a prudent investment?

If so, contact Oreon Properties with all your questions and for personal guidance. If you are interested in a certain property or commercial real estate, we offer tailor-made advice, put all points of interest on the table and make the complete calculation for you. 

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