A shed gives your company space

Companies in need of some extra space can significantly expand their activities by renting or buying a warehouse. The versatility of a large span, plenty of storage space, high ceilings and a customised layout makes a warehouse the perfect place for a whole range of business activities. Are you considering renting or buying a shed, warehouse or storage space? Then be sure to consult your estate agent for a smooth search and transaction.

Capacity and type

Renting or buying a shed involves numerous areas for attention. Always keep in mind what the shed will be used for, how much capacity you really need and what the general and/or additional costs will be. A storage space with a steel structure and sandwich panels, for example, is very flexible, as additional windows, doors or gates can easily be added. A white-coated steel deck, metal beams and columns also give a spacious, open feeling.


Always think beforehand about the facilities that your shed or hanger will need to enable you to develop your business optimally. For example, subdivisions can easily be created, but the structure must always be taken into account. Make sure that the hangar you have in mind always has at least 6 metres free height for ideal growth and sales potential, even if you do not need this height right away. Higher sheds are suitable for various types of business activities and this is where there is the most demand in the market. For warehouses that have a high inflow and outflow of goods or for a hangar that will be used for logistical purposes, a concrete structure is usually appropriate to protect the structure in the event of a collision.

With or without insulation

If you want to buy a warehouse as an investment, you should check the energy values and regulations in detail. If a heating or cooling system is to be installed, the building must be EPB-compliant. Additional insulation means extra costs, but companies with a long-term vision certainly see the benefit of it. However, installing insulation later is expensive and impractical, so choose a shed that already meets or exceeds the standards imposed. Is an air-conditioning system not a requirement for your business activities? Bear in mind that a shed without insulation is also more difficult to sell subsequently!

Oreon advises

Do you have your eye on a hangar or warehouse? If so, be sure to visit your estate agent, Oreon Properties. We will check what you need to house your business in the best conditions and whether the warehouse complies with the various regulations. You can also always call on us for the drafting and handling of the contract! Interested? Ring us on +32(0)14-23 48 23.

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