Storage space

A storage space for your company

Whether you want to expand your business by renting or buying a storage space, investing in a storage space offers all kinds of opportunities for your business. The extra space allows your business to continue to grow. However, when looking for a suitable warehouse, it is important to consider the purpose for which the space will be used. After all, depending on your business activities, the warehouse will have to have different facilities!

Tailoring to your product

When looking for a suitable warehouse or an ideal storage space, it is best to take the product you will be storing there into account as much as possible. Calculate not only the available surface area and the ceiling height, but also, for example, the width of the aisles if forklift trucks have to be manoeuvred. If you are storing heavy goods such as metal, the floor’s load-bearing capacity must also be sufficient. A storage space in which ADR goods (hazardous goods) are stored must have liquid-tight floors and other characteristics so that leaks do not seep into the ground.

The storage facilities for non-tangible goods, such as today’s data centres, must have mechanical cooling systems, electricity supplies from various suppliers, be dust-free and adequately equipped with security systems.


Also bear in mind that certain goods require certain facilities. For example, good lighting is crucial when using forklift trucks to prevent accidents. Also, be sure to provide water sprinklers for flammable materials, but avoid them when storing electronics. Do you have staff working in the storage facility? If so, then the building must be sufficiently insulated and have an air-conditioning system.

Since reinsulating a storage space can be a costly affair, look for warehouses that are already insulated.

Location of your storage space

Often, a warehouse also serves as a logistical collection or distribution point. A good location is therefore invaluable. If the goods are going to be transported to and from the warehouse frequently, make sure it is located near your most frequently used transport channel, such as a motorway ramp, near a train station or at the port.

Find a storage space through Oreon Properties

Finding a storage space that meets all your specific requirements can be left to your estate agent, Oreon Properties. We are happy to take the time to listen to your needs and requirements, and then search for a storage facility that meets them. We can also advise real estate investors on which properties and locations are most in demand, so that your property will quickly find a tenant.

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