The flexibility of a warehouse

Is your business ready to grow? If so, then renting or buying a warehouse is a logical next step. The need for expansion is usually a logical consequence for companies that are busy with their development. Do you instead consider the purchase of a warehouse as a profitable real estate investment? Oreon Properties assists you with advice and action during every step of renting, leasing and buying a warehouse.

Refurbishing your warehouse

The major advantage of a warehouse is that it is an extremely versatile business premises. As storage space, for logistics purposes, for business activities or trade: you can literally do anything with it. Warehouses can be found in various floor areas, capacities, heights and so on. You can also convert them into offices or studios by erecting walls, partitions and other facilities that are usually easy to install. Some former warehouses or business premises, often located in city centres, are converted into static offices or lofts.

Tailor-made for your business

Nevertheless, it is best to take into account the facilities that are already available. For example, be sure to choose a warehouse with sufficient capacity, preferably with some reserve space. Also ensure that the ceiling is high enough – not only for the possible stacking of goods, but also for possible transport systems, lighting or freight transport. Will the floor have to bear heavy loads? If so, be sure to check the load-bearing capacity of the floor and pay attention to underfloor heating. Mounting stacking frames or machines to the floor is virtually impossible with underfloor heating. Will there be offices in the warehouse? If so, then insulation and an appropriate air-conditioning system are essential. A heavy cost that is often overlooked is the requirement to work with windows and walls with increased fire resistance.

Making modifications

A building must be easily adaptable to the next activity with a minimum of cost. For warehouses, this translates into free height, but also into a smooth modification of the ratio of warehouse space to office space. For all modifications that affect the structure of the building, always consult an architect to ensure the strength of the structure at all times!

Investing in a storage space

Investing in a warehouse, storage space or shed is certainly worthwhile if you make a well-considered choice. To ensure a smooth rental, there are some factors to consider. For example, a warehouse is only suitable for employing workers if it complies with the EPB standards for heated/cooled companies. In the case of a new building, the activity of the tenant of the premises affects the return. In the case of storage, you can work with a facility provision agreement and you do not have to pay back the reclaimed VAT from the construction works. In the case of a production activity, the investor will have to refund the VAT.

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