Commercial property

A business property that suits you

There is more to buying, renting or selling a commercial building than meets the eye. That’s because every building is unique: there are as many types of business premises as there are companies. At Oreon Properties, our mission is to match the right company with the right property, in the right location.


We find the right solution for every company that is looking for a suitable business property. After all, not only the facilities, but also the appearance of the building is important for the image of the company. That’s because a representative business building is your company’s business card and ensures that you can make a good impression on customers, suppliers and other visitors. The headquarters of large companies are often located in impressive office buildings. A civil-law notary successfully establishes himself in a stately townhouse, car dealerships need a spacious showroom, while an e-commerce company mainly needs a sufficiently large warehouse. What type of premises is best suited to your activities?

The necessary facilities

When you are looking for business premises, it is important to consider the function of the premises. What will you use the property for most? If you welcome many customers at your location, it is important to have reception areas and meeting rooms available. If your employees often work in the office, it is pleasant to work there if there are good facilities, with inspiring workplaces and good light. If you need a large amount of storage space, the premises must also be suitable for it, and easy access for lorries is a must.

Oreon Properties tries to match the needs with the facilities as much as possible in every agreement, be it the lease or sale of a commercial property. Whenever possible, an employee will personally visit the company that is looking for business premises to take a look at the existing infrastructure and the company’s appearance.

During an in-person discussion, we try to find out how the company wants to profile itself, which facilities are an absolute must, and what the future plans are. We then look for a suitable building that fulfils all of the expectations.

Letting or selling commercial property

Letting or selling business premises also requires commercial insight and experience. If you engage Oreon Properties for the lease or sale of your industrial building, we will do everything to find a reliable tenant. As experts in the sale and rental of commercial property, we not only find a suitable tenant or buyer, but we can also advise you in detail on the various aspects of a rental or sales contract. In other words, we accompany you every step of the way so that you are never faced with surprises.

Your commercial property through Oreon Properties

Are you looking for a renovated warehouse for a hip startup, for a logistics warehouse with sufficient loading and unloading docks, for modern business premises for a bank office or for a stylish loft office? Broker Oreon Properties will help you find the perfect location in the right building.

Anyone wishing to lease or sell a property can also turn to Oreon Properties for advice, a tailor-made plan and for drawing up the various contracts. 

Looking for a commercial property?