Site optimisation

Are you the owner of business premises which could be optimised, but unsure of the best way to use them more effectively or efficiently? We’ll gladly share our knowledge and expertise with you. We believe it’s important to create added value for our customers.

Talk with Oreon Properties about your needs and wishes. In consultation with specialised partners, we’ll examine which development opportunities are available, and which site optimisations are possible. 

  • Can you expand on your site?
  • Which additional or complementary activities are possible?
  • Which urban planning regulations prevail? 

Oreon Properties guides you through the process

Not only are we familiar with the legal framework concerning commercial land and industrial sites, we also know businesspeople’s expectations when it comes to commercial real estate, and the factors which have to be taken into account based on the individual business activities.

Contact Oreon Properties with all your questions and for personal guidance. We provide personalised advice, map out all the points of interest, and make the entire calculations for you.

We would be happy to make time for you.

Depending on your wishes, Oreon Properties can search for investors or developers. As soon as planning permission is granted, we can set up a construction team in consultation with you and assign the general project follow-up to a specialised partner.

Finally, we have the necessary experience and contacts to position your project in the market and commercialise it, if necessary. As experts in the sale and rental of commercial property, we can both find a suitable tenant or buyer, and advise you in detail on the various aspects of a rental or sales contract. In other words, we provide guidance on exploiting your business premises more effectively every step of the way, so that you are never left facing surprises.